Transition Fashions When You are Losing Weight

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling better about yourself because you are dropping a few pounds but your clothes just aren’t reflecting it. But when you are in the middle of losing weight, you don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe until you get to your final goal. That means finding a way to make your clothes work in the interim and maybe just buying a few key pieces to get you through.

Belts to Bring in the Clothes

Belts are your best friend as you lose weight. You can use them to bring in the waists of your pants or to give larger shirts a shape. You can remove your boxy look by making new lines and showing off your shrinking waistline. Big belts are often the best as they can be used in a way that doesn’t look like you are stressing them but bunches the material in a flattering way.

Long Line Accessories

In the interim it is important to change the focus of your clothing. This means finding long accessories that can help you change the center point of the outfit. High heels help to make you look long as do long necklaces. These accessories help to bring out your height and take away from the width of your clothing. A long necklace can even force the eye line to notice your smaller waist rather than your shoulders or other broader areas of your torso.

Thin Armed Shirts

A few solid color thin armed shirts can help to showcase how much smaller your arms are getting. This helps to bring in the look of your arms and also helps to hold in the “flabby” areas until your skin catches up with your new size. You don’t have to worry about areas of your body not being solid as they will be properly covered and held in by the shirts.

Fancy Stockings

Fancy stockings are a great way to show off the shape of your legs as they are getting smaller as well as a way to change the focus. This means you can wear the same skirt many times and people won’t notice due to the distraction of the leggings or tights. It dresses up outfits and is not nearly as expensive as buying a ton of new skirts or pants. The stockings stay up with your weight loss and you will find your legs always look as thin as possible.

Weight loss is very exciting for most and finding fashionable ways to show off your new body is important to help keep up your self esteem. The better you look the more likely you are to stick with your program and reach your goals. By doing these few things you can show off your body without spending a fortune. You can wait to make your big purchases to the end of your weight loss while still looking your best during the whole process.

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