Fashion Shoes for the City

When it comes to fashion shoes for the city, you have to consider more than just the style and look of the shoe. When you are running in and out of buildings, walking for blocks and taking stairs all the time you need something that looks good but is also practical. You can’t always just wear what you want the minute you leave the house, but rather have to plan for the day. This includes the weather and the season. There are a few fashion ideas to keep in mind that can help you stay on the right track.

Fashion Fuzzy Boots

All those who live in the urban environment, if it is a place that gets cold, need fuzzy boots. These are ones that have little to no heel and are easy to walk everywhere in. You can easily take stairs and they still look great with jeans or a skirt. You can even get them in multiple colors to add a bit of flare to what you are wearing or just to go with the outfit.

Statement Tennis Shoes

Many people carry the “fancy” shoes with them so as not to wear out their feet before they get where they are going. There is no reason to make your heels and toes suffer for your long walk. That doesn’t mean you want to look like a bum while you are out on the town. Consider getting a few pairs of unique and interesting tennis shoes. You can get them in a variety of colors and styles in order to provide comfort while still giving your outfit a bit of a flourish.

Carry Bag for Fancy Shoes

When you pick out your high heels that make your legs look great but you need a way to get the heels to the place you plan to wear them. A shoe carry bag is the perfect way to get the shoes from place to place as well as a place to put your shoes you wear in transit. This bag can be just as important as any other purse or accessory. You need something big enough as well as with a long strap so that it is easy to carry. A variety of colors often help tie the shoes and the bags together and can tie the entire outfit together as a whole.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are a great way to make your legs look great even when you are in transit. The kitten heel offers more support and tends not to be painful. This means you can walk around as much as you need but still get the look of wearing heels. Ones with strong straps and wide toes tend to make things more comfortable.

Fashion shoes are an excellent investment. Protect that investment and your feet by wearing the fancy shoes only at the end location. Use your tennis shoes and other comfy shoes to get from place to place. Your feet will be grateful and your outfits will still be just as cute.

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